Monday, January 16, 2012

Vegas Baby!

 Every year at work we have what is called a Fall kick off, this is where all the admissions representative from Broadview University, get together and talk about what happened over the last school year and about what our goals and the out look are for the next year. Usually they also have prizes that they give away. Well this year among the prizes was a trip to Las Vegas to watch Boise State play University of Nevada Las Vegas. Well thinking it would be fun but not getting my hopes up I last minuet, threw one of my tickets in the bucket for this prize. Well as the time came for this to be drawn, I barely looked at the ticket and then I realized they had called my number. I couldn't believe I had actually won! Some people had put all there tickets in that bucket and with one I ended up winning. So on November 3 we headed out for a fun weekend in Vegas! 

We had to drive to Twin Falls to fly out because that is where our tickets were purchased from. It was fun to see all the Boise State Fans there and the Plain was packed. This whole weekend was organized by a local radio station and it was in celebration of one of there radio personalities. Being in a group of people like that was defiantly interesting and fun.

At the M&M factory.
Sean and I had been to Vegas a few times before but it was always for only a night, so our first night here we decided to go explore. And these are some of the pictures we took:

We stayed at the Luxar Hotel.

The sun set was very pretty and I couldn't help but get a couple pictures.

The Tropicana I think.
New York New York

Outside the Aura they had this very beautiful waterfall.

The next morning we decided that it was going to be rather expensive to eat here and so we signed up to go see a Time share presentation. It was actually a pretty neat presentation and if we were in the market to do a time share we may have taken up the offer. I took about 4 hours of our time but we got paid $200 in casino money that we could use for food and then discounted tickets to see a couple of exhibits. We were able to see the Bodies Exhibit and the Titanic exhibit. I think we both liked the Titanic one the best. 

That night we went to a restaurant called Nob Hill, in the MGM Grand Hotel. It was really good and it was fun to spend a lot on dinner but not really have to pay for it. 

Another picture of New Your New York at night.

That night we got all dressed up and headed to a club. Yes we went to a club. Neither of us had ever been to one so we decided since we could get in for free we would go check it out. It was fun to dress up but lets just say the club seen really isn't our thing. If you don't drink and you didn't go with a group of friends, clubs are a bit lame.

Before going in to the club.
This was the club we went too.
In the club right before we decided to leave.

On Saturday, we decided to rent a car and go to the temple. It was nice to get away from the city a bit and feel of the spirit.
After the Temple we went to the pool to swim for a little bit and then we got ready for the football game!
This is UNLV's Stadium and Boise State is running out onto the field.

This is a little hard to tell but they had people parachute onto the field since it was there UNLV's homecoming.

Las Vegas from the Stadium.

Sunday morning we were up early and heading to the airport to catch the flight home. It was great to have a couple days off from work and to spend so much time together. We did agree though that Vegas is not a place you go if you are wanting to have a relaxing vacation, there is too much to see and to do in Las Vegas!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Happy Halloween!!

At work this year the whole admissions team dressed up as crazy doctors . We had these surgical jackets and scrubs with blood all over them. My first victim was... 

Mr Pumpkin head:

BYU vs Idaho State

 On Oct. 22, 2011 we were able to go watch Sean's alma mater and current school go head to head. Although Sean is currently attending Idaho State, he is and will always be a BYU fan. We were able to get tickets to the game through Sean's best friend from high school, Josh. It was a lot of fun to hang out with Josh and watch football at the same time.

 I love how happy Sean is in these two pictures!

Sharing this game together!

After the game, Sean's whole family got together at a local restaurant. It was good to see everyone there and get a chance to catch up. 

 The lighting is off a little on these to pictures but the one above is of Melany and the one below is Kathryn and Eric.

After we were done eating, we went to see some friends from our Wymount ward when we lived there in Provo. It was great to see them and get to know there new precious addition.

Little Alvin couldn't take his eye off of Sean. I thought it was so sweet how much he liked Sean.

All in all it was pretty good week. You can never go wrong when you have a combination of football, family, food and babies!